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Logging | Ray Rennie Excavating - Sandy, OR

Trees are a beautiful part of our natural environment, but sometimes they are just in the way. This is often the case on construction projects, but also home and business owners may need to have trees removed from their property.

We are capable of removing tress from any type of property, whether it is easily accessible or not. We have the ability to take on all size projects, and we guarantee optimal results in a timely manner every time. Our logging service is all-inclusive. After the tree cutting is done, we will do whatever is necessary to remove the trees completely from your property, no matter how many there are. If you wish, we can even have the trees cut up for fire wood or any other purpose you desire.

If you are looking for a logging service provider, get in touch with Ray Rennie Excavating. We will come to you and after surveying your property, we will present you with a detailed logging solution based on your requirements and special requests. All staff and machinery needed for the completion of the project will be supplied by us, and we guarantee completion on time and budget.

With Ray Rennie Excavating there is no logging project that cannot be undertaken. Call us for a free inspection!