Land Clearing

We provide specialty excavating for all sites. We are capable of grading any type of project you have.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing | Ray Rennie Excavating - Sandy, OR

All types of construction begin with clearing the space that is needed for the work and the proposed building project. For this purpose you need a full service land clearing contractor who is able to remove all stumbling blocks on your property. Ray Rennie Excavating is the premier land clearing provider in Sandy, OR and we are always ready to help!

Land clearing can require many different skills as well as specialized equipment and machinery. We have everything needed to take on any type of land clearing project there is, regardless of size and obstacles in the way. Whether your difficulty is a forest, a mountain or a demolished building, we are able to make it all disappear!

If you need a structure removed, we are able to do it. Depending on its size we will determine if it can be demolished with heavy duty machinery, or if more involving demolition is needed. Either way, we will be able to remove it in the most efficient and safe manner possible. Once the structure is down we will clear all the rubble away, leaving no trace of its existence.

Have a member of our staff come by your location and show you what we can do! Contact our office and schedule an appointment!